DUETs UK Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs): A resource to make uncertainties explicit and to help prioritise new research

How to use UK DUETs?


The left hand menu contains a hierarchical topic tree relating to health conditions. Simply click on a topic to view relevant resources. If the topic has a "+" sign next to it, clicking on the topic will also open up a list of sub-topics.


The UK DUETs database can also be searched. Simply enter a word or phrase into the search box. It is also possible to search across other Evidence Services specialist collections by selecting them from the drop-down menu next to the search box. To maximise search results try the following:

  • Use synonyms - there may be alternative ways of describing your search term e.g. ventilation tubes, grommets
  • Use the Boolean OR operator to link synonyms together e.g. conjunctivitis OR red eye
  • Include alternative names e.g. generic drugs and brand names
  • Truncate search terms using "%". e.g. "therap%" will find therapy, therapeutic, therapist

Search results display

After searching or browsing, resources will appear in the middle section of the screen under a set of horizontal tabs according to the source from which the uncertainty was derived:

  • From patients
  • From carers
  • From professionals
  • Research recommendations
  • Ongoing research

Exporting results

Results can be exported in CSV or Excel format for use in spreadsheets. Results can be selected for export by ticking the boxes next to individual results. Alternatively, results can be selected in groups: all results; all results in a tab; or all results on a page.