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10. Title:
Pliocene hominid partial mandible from Tabarin, Baringo, Kenya.
American journal of physical anthropology, January 1987, vol./is. 72/1(21-37), 0002-9483
Ward S,Hill A
Sediments in the Tugen Hills, west of Lake Baringo, Kenya, form one of the best fossiliferous successions known in Africa spanning the period from 14 my to less than 4 my. Hominoid fossils have previously been recovered from a number of localities in the region. We describe here a new hominid mandible (KNM-TH 13150) from the site of Tabarin, in the Chemeron Formation. Isotopic determinations on a tuff below the fossiliferous horizon gives dates of 4.96 my and 5.25 my. The associated fauna is consistent with these results and independently suggests a minimum age for the specimen of 4.15 my. Although fragmentary, the preserved morphology of the Tabarin mandible is consistent with the diagnosis of the Pliocene hominid Australopithecus afarensis. It can be distinguished from all other currently recognized hominoid taxa.
Publication type:
Journal Article
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