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Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs): A resource to help prioritise new research

The Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs) has been established in the UK to publish uncertainties that cannot currently be answered reliably by referring to up-to-date systematic reviews of existing research evidence. Systematic reviews are based on worldwide searches for reliable, relevant evidence, analysed using methods to reduce biases and the play of chance.

DUETs does not include unanswered questions about the frequency, causes and diagnosis of health problems. To find out more about DUETs, please visit the DUETS website.

Please use the form below to submit a topic to the DUETs team.

Please note that the DUETs team is unable to answer personal health enquiries. If you are a patient or carer and have an enquiry please telephone NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or visit the NHS Direct Online website (www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk).

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